9 de octubre de 2012

"He was really sweet": Little Mix's Perrie talks about meeting Justin Bieber

She's dating her own popstar who is idolised by millions of teenage girls - but Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards was starstruck when she met Justin Bieber.

Perrie has been going out with One Direction bad boy Zayn Malik long enough that fans of the boyband have actually started being nice to her.

And despite having successive number one tracks in the UK singles chart with Little Mix (Bieber still hasn't topped the charts, fact), she obviously still isn't used to rubbing shoulders with big celebs.

She told us backstage at the Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards: "It was a really brief meeting but he's really sweet.

"I was expecting him to be like, 'Oh, check me out' but he wasn't he wasn't."

Perrie: Bet the Biebs described her as 'hot'

Zayn Malik
So what did Justin say when he was introduced to the sexy Geordie?

Thankfully Biebs didn't drink any milk before the encounter so managed to avoid another sick incident.

Perrie continued: "He said "Hi, I'm Justin", I just said back, yep, I know who you are. I see you like everyday on the telly.

"It was pretty surreal."

It obviously made the other Little Mix girls incredibly envious, with Jesy admitting she was "jel" that Perrie met the Baby singer.

We asked the girls what they thought about the X Factor this year and there was one contestant they sympathised with.

Jesy was sent vile abuse during the X Factor on Twitter and said she supports the controversial contestant Rylan Clark.

She told us: "We love him. People shouldn't give him a hard time and say mean things when he's just doing what he loves."

The DNA singers also reckon there's going to be a surge of girlbands next year - but this series is all about the singer-songwriters.

Jade told 3am: "Last year it was all about the groups but this year its about the songwriting and the voice.

"I really like James Arthur and Jahmene."

Leigh-Ann revealed: "I want Jahmene to win, he's incredible."

And remembering one of her best moments on the X Factor, Leigh-Anne said: "Rihanna walked passed me and said, 'Your hair is awesome!' I literally didn't speak for ten minutes I was so starstruck."

The worst part is that she will never be able to get her hair to be exactly how it was that day. Such are the struggles of being glamorous.

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